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About Us

Hey there, fellow pop culture enthusiasts, and welcome to, the virtual home of our podcast Knight Talk! We're the Knight Twins, the dynamic duo who loves to chat about all the latest music, TV shows, and trending news that millennials can't get enough of.

We've always been inseparable as twins, and our shared love of entertainment is what brought us here. We figured, why not put our endless discussions and debates to good use and share them with the world? And thus, Knight Talk was born!

We promise to keep things light-hearted and entertaining, because let's face it, life can be tough enough as it is. So, whether we're fangirling over the latest K-pop sensation or dissecting the latest celebrity Instagram post, we're here to provide you with the laughs and the latest scoop.

And hey, we're not just all business either! We love to keep it real and inject our unique personalities and sense of humor into the show. You never know what kind of shenanigans we might get up to, but we can guarantee that it will be a fun and entertaining ride.

So come join us and let's nerd out about pop culture together! Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and follow us on social media for all the latest updates. See you on Knight Talk!

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